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      Identities #2
Glamour Girlz Spookyville
Glamour Girlz
gouache and enaustic on board
20 x 30 inches. 2005.
gouache on paper
22 x 30 inches. 2005.
Generations The Bathers
gouache on board
12 x 24 inches. 2005.
The Bathers
gouache on paper
15 x 22 inches. 2005.
Connect the Dots Birds of a Feather
Connect the Dots
gouache on paper
22 x 30 inches. 2005.
Birds of a Feather
gouache on paper
22 x 30 inches. 2005.

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These recent gouache and encaustic paintings start with photographs -- some of those I've taken myself, and some taken by others. These are a mix of family and friend photos, fashion and travel shots, and those I've collected from various media sources. I select photos that capture a particular moment or emotion. In some paintings, subjects stand alone. In others, a seemingly innocent moment from the past is juxtaposed with images from popular media, of a more jaded or sophisticated world. I'm interested in both the tensions and symmetries that emerge through these invented double-portraits.

In the tradition of Matisse and Hockney, pattern plays strongly throughout my compositions. The textiles or indigenous paintings of different world cultures are of great interest to me. I collect these and constantly work them into the stories that I weave together in these paintings. They can evoke another place, or bring worlds together. In "Connect the Dots", an abstracted section of Gaudi tile work pulls these two disparate figures together, leading the viewer to consider what they might have in common.

Some of the photos I use have a sense of mystery to them, some a playfulness. These elements are a great jumping off point to create a new story. As with other contemporary portraitists, I seek to create a certain sensibility with the paint, this being just as strong an element as the subject matter. The patterns and landscapes used throughout, also add to the visual dimension.

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